Flooring and Installation Services by Premier Flooring

Lake Worth, TX – We had the pleasure of sitting down with Premier Flooring owner, Mr. Lee Scarborough to discuss what we think, is the best Flooring and Installation business in the Fort Worth area.

Lee began his flooring business in July of 2008 while also working full time as the Business Manager for a medical facility and owning and managing several rental properties.  Always enjoying the results of the transformation of a living space when the project was complete, Lee knew that he would enjoy and could succeed in this business.  As Premier Flooring grew, he was able to transition to a full time business owner in March 2012.

One thing that we are sure that you’ll recognize when working with Premier Flooring is their commitment to quality.  Premier Flooring’s motto is “Customer Service is Our Guarantee.”  When it comes to quality, there is no doubt that you will see it when your project is complete.  Lee is committed to using only quality products, which can be found in his store, and ensuring that your installation meets or exceeds your expectations.

Customer service is our guarantee.  A quality product ensures a quality installation.

When you call for an estimate for flooring installation, Lee will personally give you a quote and will bring you material samples, if desired.  His quote will include a line-by-line description of all costs that will be involved in the project so that there are no surprises.  He has a crew of well-trained installers and Lee will be involved until the project is complete as he will walk the job with you to ensure that you’re 100% satisfied.  If it isn’t up to your satisfaction, it will be corrected prior to final payment.  Lee strives for a 0% call back rate.

It’s important to note that when you buy the flooring product from Premier Flooring, Lee can guarantee you receive a quality installation.  If there is a problem, it will be fixed.  Sometimes, when there is a problem due to poor product during the installation, there’s not much that Lee can do if the material was bought elsewhere.  However, if it’s purchased his store, Lee will be able to make it right as he has a direct connection with the supplier.  If you’re planning a project, be sure to contact Premier Flooring for their great prices prior to purchasing the materials from a “big box” store, so that your installation goes smoothly and you get the quality result that you are looking for.

If you’re interested in getting new floors, a bathroom remodel, or a new kitchen backsplash, be sure to give Premier Flooring a call for a free, no obligation estimate.  We are sure that when you meet Mr. Scarborough you’ll realize why his business is the premier choice for Fort Worth area residents!

Get your project started today by calling Premier Flooring at (817) 221-4444.

Source: http://thedfwreview.com/flooring-and-installation-services-by-premier-flooring/

Source: https://thedfwreview.wordpress.com/2017/01/12/flooring-and-installation-services-by-premier-flooring/

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